2nd Year Mentors Make a Mark at Networking Bingo!

We’re thrilled to report that our recent Networking Bingo event was nothing short of a triumph. The energy, enthusiasm, and valuable connections that flowed throughout the evening made it an unforgettable experience for everyone involved. Let’s dive into the highlights and hear what our first-year MBA students had to say!

A Strong Turnout: Over 50 First Year MBA Students Attended Bingo

The event drew over 50 eager first-year MBA students, all ready to sharpen their networking skills and make meaningful connections. The presence of more than 30 second-year MBA students representing 19 different company representatives from provided a diverse and enriching networking experience. The exercise provided first-year students the opportunity to get reps in practicing their networking pitch and getting feedback in a low-risk environment, while also learning about companies they’d like to recruit for.

Key Takeaways & Insights From 1Ys

Our first-year MBA students left the Networking Bingo event with a powerful boost of confidence and enthusiasm. They discovered the incredible support and wisdom their second-year peers had to offer, finding it not only readily available but also delivered with genuine excitement. Beyond the bingo cards and firm representatives, the event provided them with some eye-opening insights.

They realized that the problem-solving skills taught to consulting students were like versatile Swiss Army knives, handy across various industries and job functions, including marketing. Moreover, students fine-tuned their pitches and gathered constructive feedback, setting the stage for future interactions. With its relaxed outdoor setting, user-friendly bingo cards, and the infectious enthusiasm of second-year students, the event redefined networking as not just productive but genuinely enjoyable. Ultimately, Networking Bingo left our first-year students feeling more confident, more connected, and excited about their MBA journeys ahead.

“Networking with companies you think you don’t want to work with can be surprisingly insightful. You may end up loving the company. I got to practice my pitch and got amazing feedback to refine it and make it better.”

Second-Year Shoutouts

Last but not least, we’d like to give a special shoutout to some remarkable second-year students who went above and beyond to support our first-year participants:

Brett [Brewster] gave me amazing feedback on how to work my pitch. This helped me refine it and get it ready for the other tables. He also spoke in detail about the company and was great at answering my questions. He was very friendly and made me feel comfortable enough to ask questions without inhibitions.

Oliver Jones was SO HELPFUL. He seemed genuinely excited about Walmart and his work over the summer – it was contagious. He also offered to provide additional help, which made me feel supported as a 1st year. Tyler [Vonderhaar] was also great – he provided a lot of tips and tricks that were very helpful.

Oliver (representing Walmart) helping a first-year student refine their personal pitch

These shoutouts exemplify the spirit of mentorship and support that defines our MBA community. We’re immensely proud of our second-year students for their commitment to helping their peers succeed. Thank you to all who attended and contributed to the success of this event. Stay tuned for more exciting opportunities to come!

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